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Meet Kristina

Press play to find out how Kristina’s experience working in wealth management with the top 1% turned into a mission to help women end financial anxiety & build wealth, the smart way

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Address the root cause of financial anxiety, with essential know-how & permanent mindset shifts.

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Kristina Kar - Holistic Life & Wealth Coaching

Meet Kristina

I love helping women understand money, how to manage it & how to build a strong foundation that will support their wildest dreams.

In my coaching & courses, I distill & simplify the core learnings from my 16 year career in investment management

I’m a Master of Applied Finance graduate & have worked in Switzerland & Germany with some of the world’s largest financial institutions including MLC, Commonwealth Bank, Bank Julius Baer & various fintech startups.

I’m deeply passionate about empowering women through teaching what I’ve learned about wealth & the financial system, so they can navigate money with confidence & ease.

Why? Because we deserve to know the essential information that gives us power & control of our finances & with that, the means to achieving our dreams. We deserve to feel secure, confident & capable.

My other passions include: mental health, biohacking (maximising holistic wellbeing), the ocean (surfing, diving, swimming), yoga, meditation & dance, impact investing, sustainability & creatively reducing my footprint on this beautiful Planet we collectively call home.

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    It's Easier Than You Think

    I’ll show you how to start where you are,
    Work with what you’ve got,
    Strengthen what’s working,
    And overhaul what’s not.

    You’ll receive dedicated support, key tools & the financial education that will make a difference to your life.


    The biggest challenge for me was adjusting my habits in a sustainable way. I identified which habits were most important to focus on, how to prioritise them, and sustain them.
    At one point when I felt low and unmotivated, Kristina’s approach helped me pivot & change things around rapidly. I honestly don’t believe I could have made as much progress if I were doing it alone.

    Emily L., Vice President


    Kristina is an incredible coach. Her techniques made tangible shifts in areas of my life where I felt gridlocked and unable to transform.
    I not only experienced shifts in business, but also in my personal relationships.

    My marriage has completely transformed since I engaged in coaching with Kristina.
    She is genuinely committed and dedicated to positively impacting people’s lives.

    Eruna K., Trading Manager & Proud Mum


    I reached out to Kristina for financial coaching, but received so much more.
    Working with her helped me realise that I didn’t have a limiting financial problem, but a limiting mind-set.

    I gained deeper self-awareness & confidence from our work together.
    That has become the most valuable asset in my personal development journey.

    Linda L., Key Relationships Manager


    Under Kristina’s guidance and support, I experienced phenomenal growth and achieved life-changing results.

    Her approach is holistic – she not only educates on personal finance but also mindset, wellbeing and relationship with self which are vital to achieving freedom in finance and life.

    I felt seen and heard without judgement throughout the coaching.
    She genuinely cares about her clients and supported me through some very difficult times.
    Thanks to the tools I learnt from the coaching, I feel empowered to make important decisions.

    Christina C., Architect & Yoga Practitioner


    The last year of working with Kristina has changed my life.The practical exercises changed my way of planning and budgeting, and  helped me organise myself financially.
    I realised how important it is to be supported along the journey.

    Having regular meetings, sharing my process and being held accountable made a huge difference. 
    She is a master at creating a safe environment. I felt her care and empathy all the way through.

    Debora C., Engineer & Entrepreneur 


    I loved working with Kristina. It was not only enjoyable, but also a wonderfully supportive way to learn more about myself and how toovercome inner obstacles.

    Kristina is warm and friendly and has amazing insight into where I needed to shift to create changeThe techniques I gained to flip my thinking will help through all kinds of life situations.

    Amber C., Project Manager