The Long & Short of It.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been driven by an inner drive to understand how things work. That meant finding answers to big questions & simplifying the complexities of life. 

Part of that drive arose from wanting to know how to create a life that excites me.

One thing was clear from early on: in a monetised society, understanding how to manage personal wealth is a necessity

Given that our education system lacks the most basic financial literacy training, I set about educating myself. 

I absorbed all I could about the world of money, economics & business which led me to complete a Master of Applied Finance. 

My career then took me to Europe where I worked in investment management & private banking.

Through the decade plus of working with the world’s wealthiest families & smartest investors, I gained the best education on what it takes to build wealth. (See LinkedIn for details).

The importance of effective financial management at all stages of life became unquestionable. 

Inadvertently, I came to see that overall wellbeing is intimately linked to one’s level of financial literacy & confidence in financial decision making. I also witnessed that:

Happiness is not as dependent as we may think on the absolute amount of wealth, rather on how that wealth is used & a very particular mindset.

From the insights I gained, in 2019 I crafted a course on the must-knows of personal finance & mindset change, & I began empowering women with that knowledge. Specifically, I focus on:

How to use wealth to create more joy, boost confidence & holistic wellbeing.

I call these the 4 Essential Pillars to creating real wealth, freedom & fulfillment i.e. holistic wealth.

Best of all, this knowledge is accessible to everyone, regardless of life stage, financial understanding or how much they have.

You can start now, right where you are. Click the button below to find out how.


  • Master of Applied Finance, Macquarie University

  • Bachelor of International Business, Macquarie University

  • TA Accredited Coach Certification

  • 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Certification

Career Overview


Graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of International Business, Economics major.

Exchange semester in Denmark. Worked part-time at a bank while studying. 


Began working in Germany in investment banking. Started learning a third language.


18 month round-the-world sabbatical. Bucket-list. Volunteered in an indigenous community in the jungles of Costa Rica. Further study & training.


Continuing to coach & teach as well as consult in the investment industry. Details via LinkedIn.


Graduated from Macquarie University with a Master of Applied Finance.

Vice President of Asia-Pacific Entrepreneurship Society (ASES). Traveled to Stanford University, California, to represent ASES at the Annual Global Summit.


Began working in Switzerland in private banking.


Became a TA Accredited Coach. Launched

Core Values

Freedom & Authenticity

Freedom & safety to express fully  ·  Authentic expression, true to self

Balance & Harmony

Holistic wellbeing of mind, body, spirit  ·  Creating healthy balance in relationships, finances & work

Purpose & Positive Impact

Satisfaction that comes with living with purpose  ·  Creating meaningful, positive impact

What really matters to you?

I’d love to know.